Devlog #1 – China Joy 2018

Recently Lumberhill was showcased on China Joy in Shanghai by Adam and Pietras. We won our stand on China Joy in contest funded by Indie Games Polska. It was the first time we could showcase Lumberhill outside of Europe! Adam and 1Pietras took a long flight and despite all complications was ready to showcase our game to the public.

Through the whole event, Adam and 1Pietras were ready to show and play with everybody that would like to chop some trees. There was a lot of people interested in the game, and almost everybody mentioned that they love our art style, making our graphic dudes proud.

Our playable build was fully localized for China Joy and it was awesome to see that everybody almost instantly knows what to do. We were aware that coop games aren’t as much popular in China as in Europe, but despite that players get along very quickly and join their efforts to beat the levels.

So many trees to cut!

After the end of the event and a lot of hard work, guys manage to go out and do a little sightseeing trip. They obviously made some research about the local flora. Bamboo is one of the finest (and crazy) plats on earth. Did you know that bamboo can grow up to 91 cm (35 in) per day? That is the only plant on earth that you can see growing with a naked eye. Just imagine the super fast-growing forest that you need to get through in our game…

The long day ended on the boat trip across the local river. They were lucky enough to get the best weather and see the second highest building on earth the Shanghai Tower. And also the one that looks like the biggest bottle opener in the whole universe.

When they finally came home, they weren’t only on jet lag but also exhausted after the week of hard work. They did great. They not only show Lumberhill on the other side of the planet but also introduce a lot of players into the coop genre and prove that it is fun. It was not easy, but worth it. The rest of the team is not only proud but a little jealous, because not every day you have occasion to show your game on the other side of the earth. We can’t wait for the next chance to show Lumberhill!

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